More About Me

Personal Information

Tim Davis has an appreciation for values that encourage strong interpersonal relationships, neighborhood and the practical reflection of these ideals in every day life. His vocational pursuits found expression in helping others become life-long learners in the realms of special, adult and theological education. His administrative and management skills were developed during this period and his specific work assignments indicate a decided shift to work that required the daily utilization of these skills. Tim entered the real estate vocation and found that his value system with a focus on working with people, recognizing and respecting their decisions and their decision-making processes, helping educate them regarding the many and varied components of real estate, and administrating the complex real estate transaction process and its attendant problem-solving, all build on his previous experience, training and personality.

Professional Focus

Tim has chosen to specialize his focus on Polk County, Oregon where he has lived for over 30 years. He has significant experience in representing clients in new construction as well as assisting buyers and sellers in residential properties and residences on acreage. Tim seeks to assist his senior neighbors in meeting their real estate needs that are often compounded with significant needs and/or or various degrees of crisis. These clients, who are most often circumstance-driven rather than having the luxury of a considered market-driven decision-making process, need and receive from him an agent who values and will work for their safety, security and independence. As an agent, Tim’s professional approach reflects a set of characteristics that are person-centered, low-key, informational/educational, thorough, and respectful to the client’s perspective and decisions.

On the Lighter Side

What else does Tim value? His wife and family that now includes three granddaughters and three grandsons; mountains and evergreen trees; a stormy day at the beach; kayaking lakes, estuaries and slow moving rivers; a good book beside a warm fire; a reflective and practical faith.

Team Affiliation

Tim is a member of Windermere Team Advantage, three agents collaborating together to represent Fowler Homes in their various developments in Dallas, Oregon.